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Snailwhite Mask Shot (Pack of 5)

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One sheet of SNAILWHITE Mask Shot is equivalent to a tub of SNAILWHITE Facial Cream!



Product Description

One sheet of SNAILWHITE Mask Shot is almost equivalent to a tub of SNAILWHITE Facial Cream results!

Best results to be used twice a week before bed. Especially suited for those who are lazy to moisturize daily and want to achieve a more intense hydration effect!

SNAILWHITE Mask Shot contains ceramide which acts as a protective layer for the skin surface from bacteria infestation and allergens. It helps to retain skin moisture and brighten up dull skin, revealing a more supple and radiant skin.

P/S: Mask shot in pink and white packaging are of same functions/properties. Individuals’ result may vary.

In general, SNAILWHITE Mask Shot is suitable for all skin types, both females and males. It is great for individuals who want to achieve a perfect skin in the easiest way possible.

A sheet type mask that gives skin its youthfulness, brightness, clarity and firming with high effective ingredients; Ceramide, Snail Secretion Filtrate and Alpha Arbutin.


Skin is dehydrated? Dull or sensitive? Unable to head out in your best form? Try out Mask Shot which is an alternative to our best seller SNAILWHITE Facial Cream in achieving a brighter and healthier skin in no time!

Fun Fact

One sheet of mask shot is almost equivalent to a tub of SNAILWHITE Facial Cream result!


It is never too late to take care of your skin! Apply this simple sheet mask onto face for 15 to 20 mins for a supple and radiant skin after! It freshens up the skin and makes make-up application easy to apply!

SNAILWHITE Mask Shot is made up of 3 Main ingredients which of course Ceramide being one of them!

Ceramide is one of the natural substances which is a component of Keratin; the main component of the epidermis layer of the human skin. It creates a water-impermeable, protective layer, to prevent excessive loss of water due to evaporation.

Thus, it helps the skin to regenerate, achieving a smoother and softer skin and adding on that fine lines and wrinkles will also be reduced gradually.  It also prevents​ bacteria and other harmful chemicals that might cause allergy to get into the blood.

It comes in a sealable pack and no more headache on boxy sheet masks or loose ones all around!

Steps of application for Mask Shot – pack of 5 sheets

  1. Cleanse your face and apply toner.
  2. For better results, use SNAILWHITE Mask Shot after SNAILWHITE Syn-Ake Mist application.
  3. Remove the mask from the package and unfold it gently.
  4. Hold the sides and place the mask onto the center of face so it fits perfectly onto entire face.
  5. Leave the mask on and remove after 20 minutes. Massage the remaining essence onto skin until it’s fully absorbed!


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