Hello everyone!

I’m sure all of you by now love KISS whitening collagen cream mask! Well KISS Skincare is going to have a new addition to the family!

Following the Mineral Aqua Mud Foam facial cleanser, KISS Skincare will have a 3rd member ! The Luxury Abalone Cream – This is an intensive hydrating moisturiser that repairs, hydrates and lighten pigmentations!

What perfect combination! KISS Skincare now has:

1) A sleeping mask
2) A facial cleanser
3) A moisturizer



Abalones are considered as a gourmet gift, therefore named Emperor Of The Ocean.

Widely recognized as the Ginseng of the sea due to its richness in power of restoration and fortification for the body.

Containing high marine minerals, protein and amino acid, Abalones are believed to promote cell recovery, immune system stimulation and blood circulation. KISS Skincare’s Luxury Abalone Cream provides remarkable effects for skin revitalization, wrinkle reduction, whitening effect as well as moisturizes and hydrates the skin cells.

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Stay tuned to know more! Coming to Singapore very soon!